Andhra Pradesh drought adaptation initiative (APDAI)

PLF has acted as ME&L agency for APDAI.  A joint project of GOAP and the World Bank to support innovations that will help vulnerable people and communities adapt to climate change. It emphasized on stimulating the deeper integration of climate considerations with local action, by effectively packaging drought-adaptation measures in the existing institutional context.  The responses to drought risks were planned at small geographical scales taking into account both short-term as well as long-term effects of drought but rooted in the current government programmes and initiatives.

The overall objective of APDAI was to enhance the drought-adaptation capacity of affected communities and reduce their vulnerability towards drought risks in the long run. The project primarily focuses on the natural resource-based production systems. APDAI had developed a package of tested measures for drought adaptation. A number of pilots were implemented to cover agriculture production systems, livestock, natural resources, livelihood of vulnerable groups and economic support tools for different livelihood groups.

APDAI had facilitated the integration of different programmes and institutional mechanisms for delivering drought-related assistance to the selected communities; designed and tested innovative methods, institutional mechanisms and instruments to help selected communities adapt to drought.