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We work with diverse areas of development. Our research and projects reflect our primary goal to impact policy, and through it practice, with a view to ensuring equitable and sustainable development.

Strategic Action Plan for Eliminating Child Marriages in states of AP and Telangana

This study seeks to provide a Strategic Action Plan for elimination of Child Marriages in the states of AP and Telangana by providing evidence-based policy suggestions. The study is ongoing.

Accessibility of Job Oriented Vocational Training among Young Women in states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

The study aims to analyze the Job Oriented Vocational Trainings from the perspective of young women in states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana with the aim to foster knowledge sharing and identify action areas towards furthering the skilling agenda for young women.

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Dr. Vijay Kumar | PLF

Prof. Vijay Kumar

Chief Executive Officer
Prof. Vijay Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer at Poverty Learning Foundation. His specialized research is in using Implementation Science for better results...Read More
N.L Narasimha Reddy | PLF

N.L Narasimha Reddy

Programme Director - Governace & Institutions
N.L Narasimha Reddy is the Programme Director - Governace & Institutions at Poverty Learning Foundation...Read More
Dr. Joseph L. Plakkoottam | PLF

Dr. Joseph Plakkoottam

Program Director-Water, Climate and Natural Resources
Dr. Joseph L. Plakkoottam, is a Senior Fellow with PLF. His current research interests include climate change and water management, and sustainable legacies of development projects...Read More
Shandilya Adipudi | PLF

Shandilya Adipudi

Shandilya Adipudi is a technology entrepreneur with 14 years of experience in the analytics space. He has previously...Read More
Madhuri Newale | PLF

Madhuri Newale

Madhuri Newale is a management graduate with over 24 years of experience in rural development projects in over 9 states...Read More
Kompalli H. S. S. Sundar | PLF

Kompalli H. S. S. Sundar

Kompalli H. S. S. Sundar (born 1966) holds a Doctorate Degree from the School of Social Sciences, Hyderabad Central. ...Read More
Dr. Rajagopal S | PLF

Dr. Rajagopal S

Dr. Rajagopal S is a medical doctor with eleven solid years of practice experience. Dedicated to exemplary patient outcomes...Read More
Rama Sen | PLF

Rama Sen

Rama Sen is a development practitioner with 18 years of teaching experience in Delhi Public School, Hyderabad and Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Nivedita...Read More
Sree Pruthvi B | PLF

Sree Pruthvi B

Senior Research Associate
Sree Pruthvi B is a Senior Research Associate at Poverty Learning Foundation. Her current area of research is in the Poverty and Inclusion vertical with focus on policy challenges of internal migration in India...Read More
Sakhi Arun | PLF

Sakhi Arun

Research Associate
Sakhi Arun is a Research Associate at the Poverty Learning Foundation who holds a Masters of Arts in Development Studies and Bachelors’ of Arts in Social Sciences from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Hyderabad...Read More
Yerram Sanath Kumar | PLF

Yerram Sanath Kumar

Field Coordinator
Yerram Sanath Kumar is a Field Coordinator at Poverty Learning Foundation. He holds a Masters degree in Social Work from Roda Mistry College...Read More
Shaik Adil Akram | PLF

Shaik Adil Akram

Research Associate
Shaik Adil Akram is a Research Associate at Poverty Learning Foundation. Adil has completed his Master of Arts in Development Studies and Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences...Read More


Shri S.P Tucker IAS (Retd.) is the Chairman and Chief Mentor of Poverty Learning Foundation (PLF). In his previous role as the Chief Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh, he played a pivotal role in building Vision for the state, setting up the Vision Management Unit, designing Smart Village and Smart Ward Programme and initiating measures for...

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