S.P. Tucker | PLF
Shri. S.P Tucker IAS(Retd.)


Shri. S.P Tucker IAS(Retd.)

Shri S.P Tucker IAS (Retd.) is the Chairman and Chief Mentor of Poverty Learning Foundation (PLF). In his previous role as the Chief Secretary to Government of Andhra Pradesh, he played a pivotal role in building Vision for the state, setting up the Vision Management Unit, designing Smart Village and Smart Ward Programme and initiating measures for achieving Double Digit growth, which the state achieved 4 years in a row. As the Chief Secretary, he was also in-charge of Planning and was also Agricultural Production Commissioner where he initiated a number of development projects.


Dr. Joseph Plakkoottam

Dr. Joseph L. Plakkoottam, is a Senior Fellow with PLF. His current research interests include climate change and water management, and sustainable legacies of development projects. Joseph has over four decades of professional experience in project design and management, monitoring and evaluation, agriculture and livelihoods promotion, participatory irrigation and groundwater management, sanitation and hygiene education, organization analysis and perspective planning, and training and capacity building. He has managed the research, documentation, communication, and dissemination tasks of several multi-lateral projects.

Educated in India and the USA in Sociology and Planning, he was awarded an East West Center degree study fellowship and an EWC-University of Hawaii joint-doctoral internship. He has taught graduate students, advised research scholars, and organized short-term courses, seminars and workshops. He has co-authored several research and evaluation report and has extensive editorial experience. He was the task leader or member of a number of international project evaluation missions.

Dr. Joseph Plakkoottam | PLF
Dr. Joseph Plakkoottam

Program Director-Water, Climate and Natural Resources

Narasimha Reddy. N | PLF
Narasimha Reddy. N

Programme Director - Governace & Institutions

N.L Narasimha Reddy

N.L Narasimha Reddy is the Programme Director - Governace & Institutions at Poverty Learning Foundation. His current areas of research are Monitoring and Evaluation and Poverty and Inclusion. He is the one of the founding members of the organization and has played a significant role in leading the organization. He currently leads the organization on strategic work on development management and is actively engaged in organizational development. He has actively engaged in working on creating grassroot innovation, institutional development, design and demonstration of sustainable development projects, action research and policy formulation in varied capacities.


Prof. Vijay Kumar

Prof. Vijay Kumar is the Chief Executive Officer at Poverty Learning Foundation. His specialized research is in using Implementation Science for better results (Evidence for Effectiveness), His current responsibilities including Strategic Planning and Portfolio Development, in addition to leading the vertical on Childhood and Youth and under his leadership the team is working on policy-linked research to examine the social protection of children. He has previously served as Deputy CEO of Smart Andhra Pradesh Foundation; Professor in UNICEF-CESS Division for Child Studies Young Lives International Study of Childhood Poverty, Oxford Department of International Development, Save the Children India Research head in Catalyst Management Services Pvt, ltd, and Senior Fellow in CD Deshmukh IMPART Centre (RBI Chair) in Council for Social Development, Ministry of HRD.

Prof. Vijay Kumar | PLF
Prof. Vijay Kumar

Chief Executive Officer