Poverty has consistently been a transcending inter-generational problem for economies around the world over the past few decades. Beyond the conventional view of poverty as a deprivation of resources, it is being viewed as denial of opportunity and resources and then there is also the larger question of inequality. It is also the result of a number of social, political and economic events. PLF takes a multidimensional view of poverty. Over the last decade, we have made efforts to integrate pro-poor development strategies in various sectoral programmes. In the coming years, we plan to shape policies and programmes to contribute towards:

  • Ensuring social protection systems for all
  • Building resilience of the poor
  • Creating sound policy frameworks based on pro-poor and gender sensitive development strategies
  • Empowering all women and girls
Poverty & Inclusion

Projects undertaken under this vertical include:

  • Research on Internal Migration in India to Understand Migration for Accumulation (2019- ongoing)
  • Planning and Implementation of NREGS in Madhya Pradesh - A Process Study-Monograph. (2010)
  • Effectiveness of Micro-finance Programmes in Reducing Vulnerability to Debt Bondage in Andhra Pradesh (2007)
  • Social Accounting of Livelihoods Advancement Business School (labs) (2005-2007)

19.27% of the total population are vulnerable to poverty and 8.8% to severe poverty in India

Multidimensional Poverty Index,2019