Efficient management of natural resources is crucial to reversing the onset of Climate Change. The world is already experiencing an unprecedented rise in temperatures, frequent extreme events in terms of floods, droughts and wild fires, rising sea levels, etc. In fact there is no aspect of life where the catastrophic effects of climate change are not being felt. There is urgency to build Strategic Policy responses to mitigate the problem. For more than a decade, PLF has been associated with shaping the policies related to climate, water and natural resources focusing on Watershed, Surface Irrigation and Groundwater Management. Our future actions are aimed at:

  • Strengthening institutions and infrastructure for better management of water and natural resources
  • Facilitating policies and procedures for participation of local communities
  • Providing sustainable solutions for climate resilience
  • Integrating climate change measures into policies, strategies and planning
Climate Change

Major projects by PLF in this vertical include:

  • Programme Management Support in the Implementation of Indo-German Watershed Development Programme in AP-NABARD/RODECO (2007-2014)
  • Comprehensive Study of Impact of Investment in Watersheds in Karnataka (2012)
  • Baseline Report of Survey of Minor Irrigation tanks below 40 ha in 10 Districts of Andhra Pradesh (2008)
  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning of Andhra Pradesh Drought Adaptation Initiatives (APDAI, 2007-09)

Climate Change will cost India 2.8% of its GDP

South Asia Hotspots, World Bank, 2018

India ranks 14th in Global Climate Risk Index

Global Climate Risk Index, German watch

Farmer Income Losses would range between 15-18%

Economic Survey of India, 2018