A major portion of the cultivable land in Andhra Pradesh is covered under the major, medium and minor irrigation schemes. However, a larger portion of the area continues to remain un-irrigated owing to topographical constraints. One of the solutions is construction of lift irrigation schemes. The Andhra Pradesh Irrigation Development Corporation (APSIDC) commissioned a study to understand the potential of the schemes launched to address the irrigation problems. The objectives of the study are as follows:

  • To assess the present ayacut and probe the reasons for deficit in the potential ayacut, if any
  • To collect details relating to technical aspects of the schemes
  • To study the cropping pattern, including improvement in the yield rates, if any, in the light of more area being brought under irrigation
  • To understand the changes in the ground water levels as a result of implementation of the schemes and also changes in the land value
  • To obtain the perceptions of the farmers in the command area about the scheme/system performance, and lastly
  • To identify the rehabilitation needs as perceived by the farmers and also the officials, wherever possible.

The study was conducted in 10 districts in Andhra Pradesh. The study besides eliciting information about irrigation schemes also suggested policy recommendations with respect to the cropping patterns and changes in ground water levels.